In this study, we consider the prices of nine important crops of Kerala viz.在这项研究中,我们考虑价格的九个重要作物喀拉拉邦落成。 (1) Coconut (Derivatives: Copra and Coconut Oil) (2) Paddy (3) Pepper (4) Arecanut (5) Ginger (6) Cardamom (7) Rubber (8) Tea and (9) Coffee. ( 1 )椰(衍生物:干椰子肉,椰子油) , ( 2 )水稻( 3 )辣椒( 4 )槟榔( 5 )生姜( 6 )豆蔻( 7 )橡胶( 8 )茶(九)含有咖啡。 The price indices are calculated by taking 1983 as the base year for the first seven crops and 1995 is considered as the base year for Tea and coffee as for these crops price data are available from the year 1995 only.该价格指数计算以1983年为基准年,为今年首7作物和1995年被认为是作为基期,为茶叶和咖啡,因为这些作物的价格资料,可从1995年只。

To compare the amount of increase in the prices of Agricultural Produces to the extent it is necessary to keep the living standards of the farmers with these of other in the society, we may consider the rate of increase in the salary of State Government employees over 1983 to 2005.比较额增加,在价格低迷,农民生产的产品的程度,是有必要维持的生活水准,农民与这些其他在社会上,我们可以考虑加幅在薪酬州政府雇员超过1983年到2005年。 From the office records I have noticed that the Assistant Grade-11 of Kerala University (or any other Universities of Kerala State) was entitled to draw a minimum basic pay of Rs.从办公室记录,我已注意到助理级- 11喀拉拉邦的大学(或任何其他大学的喀拉拉州) ,有权提请最低基本工资的卢比。 675/- with a DA of Rs. 675 / -一个大的卢比。 123/- during July 1983 and thus the total salary was Rs. 123 / -在1 983年7月,因此总年薪是卢比。 798/- (HRA and other allowances are not considered as it changes from place to place). 798 / -(人权倡导者协会和其他津贴,不被视为它的变化,从地方) 。 A person freshly posted as Assistant Grade-11 during 2003 would draw a basic pay of Rs.一个人刚张贴担任助理级- 11 2003年期间,将以此为基本工资的卢比。 7990/- and DA of Rs. 7990 / -和D A的卢比。 400/- with a total of Rs. 400 / -一共有卢比。 8390/- per month. 8390 / -每一个月。 Hence, by considering 1983 as the base year, the salary index of Assistant Grade-11 during 2005 at the entry level is 1051%.因此,考虑到1983年为基准年,薪金指数的助理级- 11 2005年期间,在入门级的,是第1051 % 。 That is the present salary at the entry level of the post has been swelled to an extent of 10.51 times that of 1983.这就是目前的薪金在入门级的职位已膨胀到一定程度的10.51倍的1983年。 It may be noticed that the pending DA to Government servants for the time being is 15 % of the basic pay, so that the salary index will again rise up further, if the Government releases those pending instalments of DA.它可能会察觉到,有待大,以政府为公务员的时候,是15 %的基本工资,使工资指数将再次崛起,而且,如果政府释放那些等候分期付款的大。

From my personal diary, I have noticed that labourers who were engaged to do agricultural works in the premises of my house during 1983 were given a wage of Rs.从我个人的日记,我注意到劳动者,他们从事做农业工程,在屋内的我的房子,在1983年则获得最低工资的卢比。 20/- per day. 20 / -每一天。 But for the same work in 2005 July, the wage given was Rs.不过,对于同样的工作,在2005年7月,由于工资被卢比。 200/- per day. 200 / -每一天。 Hence, by taking 1983 as the base year, the wage index of Agricultural labourers during 2005 is 1000 %.因此,以1983年为基准年,工资指数的农业工人,在2005年是1000 % 。 That is the present wages of Agricultural labourers has been swelled to an extent of 10 times that of 1893.这是目前工资的农业工人已膨胀到一定程度的10倍,即1893年。 The above indices will reflect the overall growth of wages/salaries over all sectors of Kerala.上述指数将反映整体增长的工资/薪金超过各阶层的喀拉拉邦。

The computed price indices of the various crops are provided in Table No. 1 .计算价格指数的各种作物都表1号 From the table we notice that none of the crops observed in the table has exhibited a price growth, which is more than 4.7 times the price of 1983.从表中,我们可以看到,没有庄稼观察到在谈判桌却呈现价格增长,超过了4.7倍的价格1983 。 Further, the price are observed to be highly fluctuating and it indicates that the farmer cannot depend with confidence in raising any of the crops so as to get an assumed and reasonable price to his produce.此外,价格是观察到高度起伏不定,它表明,农民不能依赖与信任,在提出任何的农作物等,以得到一个假设的和合理的价格向他出示。

For Coconut, the present index is 314 % where as the indices of its derivatives: copra and coconut oil are 277 % and 269 % respectively.为椰子,目前的指数是314 % ,而该指数的衍生产品:干椰子肉,椰子油是277 %和269 % 。 Thus I conclude that, if justice has to be done to coconut farmers, the Government have to give a salary of Rs.因此我的结论是,如果法官必须要做椰子的农民,政府要给予年薪卢比。 3.15 x 798 = Rs. 3.15 x 798 =卢比。 2513/- per month to an Assistant Grade-11 instead of the present total salary of Rs. 2513 / -每月向一名助理级1 1个,取代现行的总年薪的卢比。 8390/- or the price of coconut has to be increased to Rs. 8390 / -或价格的椰子有需要增加,以卢比。 10.51 x 1653 = Rs. 10.51 x 1653 =卢比。 17,383/- per 1000 nuts of medium size. 17383 / -每1 000名坚果中等大小。

The present price index of Paddy relative to the base year 1983 is 274 %.目前物价指数的水稻相对基期, 1983年是274 % 。 Thus in order to do justice to the rice cultivating farmers, the Government have to increase the price of paddy to Rs.因此,为了做到公正,以水稻栽培的农民来说,政府要增加价格的稻田卢比。 10.51 x 254 = Rs. 10.51 x 254 =卢比。 2,669/- per quintal. 2669 / -每昆陶。

The Pepper price have reached a very profitable rate during 1997 to 2000, (10 to 13 times of 1983 price) but later on it crashed and now the index is only 420.6 %.胡椒价格已经达到了非常盈利率在1997年至2000年, ( 10至13倍的1983年价格计算) ,但后来就坠毁,目前该指数只有420.6 % 。 A similar argument for the price equivalence on pepper during 1983 so as to fetch an equal level of growth on wages or salaries can be also worked out.类似的道理也为价格的等价对辣椒1983等,以获取一个同等的增长水平,对工资或薪金也能出。

Arecanut prices also fluctuate heavily and the price index reaches 422.3 % during 2005.槟榔价格也出现波动重和价格指数达到422.3 % ,在2005年期间。 The present price index for ginger is 470.7 %.目前物价指数生姜是470.7 % 。

Cardamom is a much affected crop in terms of its price.豆蔻是一项十分受影响的作物而言,其代价。 The price index of this crop in 2005 reached a very low level of 97.9 % when compared with that of the year 1983.价格指数的这种作物在2005年达到了非常低的水平,为97.9 %时,与该年的1983年。 If one speaks of justice to cardamom growers, the Government have to increase its price to Rs.如果一谈到正义豆蔻种植者,政府不得不提高其价格卢比。 279 x 10.51 = Rs. 279 x = 10.51卢比。 2,932/- per kg. 2932 / -每公斤。

The present price index of Rubber is 363 %.目前物价指数的橡胶是363 % 。 Thus in order to do justice to the rubber farmers, the Government have to increase its price of rubber to Rs.因此,为了做到公正,以橡胶的农民来说,政府必须增加其价格的橡胶卢比。 10.51 x 16.6 = Rs. 10.51 x 16.6 =卢比。 169/- per kg. 169 / -每公斤。

Since Tea and Coffee prices are available only from the year 1995, we have taken 1995 as the base year to construct the price indices of these crops.由于茶叶和咖啡价格只限从1995年,我们已采取1995年为基准年,构建物价指数,这些作物。 Accordingly, the price index of tea for 2003 is 128.9 %.因此,物价指数的茶叶, 2003年是128.9 % 。 Similarly, the price index of Coffee for 2005 is equal to 40.7 % which is the worst of all crops in terms of price decay observed.同样,物价指数的咖啡, 2005年是等于40.7 % ,这是最坏的所有作物,在价格衰变观察。

If we consider the total salary (Basic pay + DA) of Assistant Grade-11, then it is Rs.如果我们考虑到总薪酬(基本工资+大)的助理级- 11的话,那就是卢比。 2,832/- in the year 1995, whereas the total salary for 2005 is Rs.达2832 / -在1 995年,而总工资为2 005卢比。 8390/-. 8390 / -. Thus the salary index of 2005 relative to the year 1995 is 296 %.因此薪金指数, 2005年相对1995年是296 % 。 Hence, we conclude that in order to do justice to coffee farmers, the price of coffee should be Rs.因此,我们的结论是,为了做到公正,以咖啡的农民来说,咖啡价格应卢比。 115 x 2.96 = Rs. 115 x 2.96 =卢比。 340/- per kg, where as its existing price is only Rs. 340 / -每公斤,而其现有的价格只有卢比。 47/- per kg. 47 / -每公斤。

Our hard working and strained farmers are living in a community consisting of Agricultural Labourers, Govt.我们的辛勤工作和紧张的农民生活在一个社区构成的农业劳动者,政府全力推广。 Servants, workers of private and public enterprises, families of NRI’s and others.公务员,工人的私营和公营企业,家庭的中国社会科学院的等。 The consumeristic trend of people put them into trouble because of their incapability of purchasing power due to dis-proportionality low existing prices for their agricultural produces.在消费主义潮流的人,投入到麻烦,因为他们无能的购买力因解散相称低现有价格,为他们的农业生产。 Input costs of agriculture and labour costs are spiraling and this makes them to fail from proper scientific farming and this causes much reduction in the productivity of the crops.投入成本的农业及劳工成本是螺旋式上升的,这使他们要失败的,从正确的科学耕作和这个原因很多,在降低生产率的作物。 Temptations of modern essential amenities such as cell phones, TV’s, Fridges, vehicles, rich food etc. make them desperate.诱惑的现代必需用品,如手机,电视,电冰箱,汽车,丰富的食物等,使他们绝望。 Thus they loss their morale and life become miserable to them and they end up their lives.因此,他们失去他们的士气和生活变得悲惨,以他们,使他们结束了他们的生命。

A serious by product of these problems makes many of the cultivators either to stop agriculture or switch over to other professions.严重的,由产品的这些问题,使得不少的修炼者要么停止农业或切换到其他专业。 We have conducted the trend analysis of rice crop and noticed that the area under this crop is diminishing steadily year after year.我们已进行了趋势分析的水稻作物,并发现该地区根据本作物正在式微稳步年复一年。 It is estimated that annually there is a reduction of 22615 hectares of land in rice cultivation.据估计,每年有减少的22615公顷土地的水稻种植。 Consequently, the production of rice is also drastically reducing year after year causing much worry to the internal production of rice in Kerala.因此,水稻生产也大幅减少,年复一年引起许多令人担忧的国内生产的大米在喀拉拉邦。

In the light of the price study conducted here, immediate steps are to be taken to ensure fair prices to all agricultural commodities of the State if not equal to 10.51 times the price of 1983 at-least to a reasonable multiple of the price of the produce in 1983.在考虑价格进行了研究,在这里,立即采取步骤,是要采取措施,以确保公平价格向所有农业商品的国家,如果不等于10.51倍的价格在1983年-至少在一个合理的多元的价格生产在1983年。


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Indian borracha natural

A borracha cultivator de Kerala, na Índia está a tentar apresentar a verdadeira imagem do índio Borracha Natural através dos resultados de suas experiências e de experiências, incluindo análise de Indian Rubber Statistics publicada pela Indian Rubber Board.

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Indiase natuurlijke rubber

Een rubber kweken uit Kerala, India probeert om het echte beeld van de Indische Natural Rubber via de bevindingen van zijn experimenten en ervaringen met inbegrip van analyse van de Indiase Rubber Statistieken gepubliceerd door de Indische Rubber raad.

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Indiana gomma naturale

Un coltivatore di gomma da Kerala, in India sta cercando di presentare la vera immagine di gomma naturale indiana attraverso i risultati di esperimenti e le sue esperienze compresa l’analisi di gomma indiana Statistiche pubblicato da Indian Rubber Board.

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Цена натуральному каучуку 2006-07

Предложение и спрос на 2006-07 год, опубликованном в электронные таблицы Microsoft Excel.
Цена натуральному каучуку 2006-07 Click on the picture for full view. Щелкните на картинку для полного просмотра.

Visit the excel worksheets to see the daily prices published by the Indian Rubber Board. On a worksheet prices of Latex 60% drc and its differences on mothly prices are avilable. Посетите excel рабочие видеть ежедневно цен, опубликованные в Индийском резины совета. На рабочий цены Латекс 60% drc и ее разногласия по mothly цены avilable. The chart tells us that Septebmer 2006 was the suitable time for the Import of 60% drc Latex. На схеме, рассказывает нам о том, что Septebmer 2006 г. было подходящего времени для ввоза на 60% drc Latex. The unwanted higher price in the Indian Market at the peak season farmers are aware to sell maximum in this situation. В нежелательных высоким ценам на индийском рынке в пик сезона фермеры знают продать максимум в этой ситуации. How it is possible that 59015 Tonnes are available with Growers? Как это возможно, что 59015 тонн имеется овощехранилище? After January 2007 many of the estates are not getting yield due to the highest summer without rain. После января 2007 года многие из этих зон не получают урожайность из-за высоких лето без дождей. The price on domestic is now below than International prices to support EXPORT. Цена на внутреннем настоящее время ниже, чем цены для международной поддержки ЭКСПОРТ. The monthly export and import details will be available after three months. Месячный экспорт и импорт подробная информация будет доступна после трех месяцев. Both the export and imports are available within the same year. Оба экспорта и импорта, имеющихся в том же году.

After normal summer rain will be a time to start normal tapping by the maximum Growers. После нормальной летом дождь пройдет время, чтобы начать нормальную разговоров по максимальному овощехранилище. The month end stock with Auto tyre manufacturers on 31st December was 33795Tonnes which is sufficient to use for 15 days away from the market. В конце месяца с фондовых Авто шины производителей по 31 декабря было 33795Tonnes которых достаточно для использования в течение 15 дней от рынка. The market stock is not fluctuating, but the price is fluctuating periodically. Рынок акций не колеблется, но цена колеблется периодически.

�кспорт Импорт 2006-07 Import in December was 10920 Tonnes and conumption is less than November (70490 and 68225 respectively) to show the highest month end stock. Импорт в декабре было 10920 тонн и conumption меньше, чем ноября (70490 и 68225 соответственно), чтобы показать высокий концу месяца запасы.

By the study from the above details I have an appeal to the farmers that ‘ don’t sell rubber after 15th of each month to bring down the month end stock’ except small growers to meet daily expenses by selling it. В исследовании из вышеуказанной информации я обратился к фермерам, которые “не продают резиновые после 15 числа каждого месяца снизить концу месяца запасы”, за исключением мелких производителей для удовлетворения повседневных расходов, продав ее.

А резиновые культиватор с Керала, Индия пытается представить реальную картину индийских натуральному каучуку через результаты его экспериментов и опытом, в том числе анализ индийской резины статистике, опубликованные индийской резины совета.

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